Umpires & Game Day Helpers

 If you are interested in being an Umpire, please email:

 If you have already registered. Volunteer Waiver: . Fill out the 2017 Online Volunteer Waiver; ( a new form is required each year.)
... then you can sign up today for the 2017 Spring Season @ Sign Up - TBA



  • Umpire is to call each child safe at first base and home plate
  • Umpire must wear a uniform without Chest guard. Shorts are permitted
  • Umpire is to be presentable and clean at all games
  • Umpire is to arrive 30 minutes before each game
  • Umpire is to call beginning and ending of each game at the appropriate time
  • Umpire is responsible for overseeing the behavior of and for the safety of all players and their buddies playing baseball
  • Umpire is to assist coaches and players as necessary
  • Umpire should always demonstrate enthusiasm, love and concern for each player, buddy and volunteer
  • Umpire is responsible at all times, on and off the field to demonstrate high morals and integrity

Source: The Miracle league