RESCHEDULED to Sun, July 25 - First Home Run Derby, July 24, 2010

Re-Scheduled: Due to Inclement Weather,

The 1st Annual PCEP Home Run Derby, benefitting The Miracle League of Plymouth has been postponed to Sunday, July 25.

Time and Location are the same. We hope to see you Sunday.

Spectators are needed to cheer on the young athletes as they hit home runs and champion the building of a baseball field for children with special needs.

Wear your sunglasses and sunscreen. It’s going to be a beautiful day.

Any questions, contact:

Ted Barker: 734-420-0205,

Tonya Barker:

1st Annual PCEP Home Run Derby Saturday, July 24, 2010 Salem High School Varsity Baseball Field Time: 11:00 A.M.

Download the entry form

WHO: PCEP Varsity and Alumni Players (Canton, Plymouth and Salem High Schools)

WHY: Showcase your ability to knock it out-of-the-park while helping a worthwhile charity,

The Miracle League of Plymouth. Miracle League champions the building of baseball fields for children with special needs. Chairpersons; Chris Kordick, Natalie Zazula, and Tonya & Ted Barker Contact: Ted Barker: 734-420-0205, RULES:
  • Participants:
    • Any eligible varsity player from previous season (2009-2010)
    • Alumni of Canton, Plymouth or Salem varsity programs beginning with the 2006 season
    • Participants must be younger than 23 years of age to participate or a full-time college student
  • Participants will be divided into two groups:
    • Current players
    • Alumni Players
  • There will be three rounds of play for each group
    • 1. Round One:
      • Each player gets 6 outs per at bat to hit as many home runs as possible. An out is registered when a player swings and does not hit a home run in fair territory
      • If there is a tie in any round, there will be a hit-off at the end of that round. In the hit-off, each player will get 3 outs and the player with the most home runs advances
    • 2. Round Two - Semifinals:
      • The four players with the most home runs from the first round advance to the semifinals
      • Home Runs do not carry over to the next round; each new round is a “fresh start”
      • Same set-up and rules as Round One above
    • 3. Round Three – Championship
      • The two players with most home runs in semifinals advance to the championship
      • The player with the most home runs in the championship round is declared the winner
      • Same set-up and rules as Round One and Two above
  • Players must provide the following:
    • Batting practice pitcher
    • Bats, cleats, gloves (if needed), and optional helmet

FEE: $25 entry fee per participant – includes personalized t-shirt. Participants will also be encouraged to solicit donations from family and friends for every home run they hit. What a great way to get the crowd involved!